30 Day Slim Down Challenge Testimonials

"I absolutely loved this plan- and I'm still on it! I'm modifying a little bit now but overall I love how I feel when I eat this way and I love how it has taught me to think and plan my meals. Nancy was wonderfully available to us whenever we had questions and I was so impressed by that as I am sure she is super busy with all that she has going on. I have not only lost 5lbs but I feel that it has improved my sleep quality and my overall feeling of wellness. I enjoy all the foods, even things that I wasn't too psyched about in the beginning have grown on me! I am so thankful for this plan!"

"Nancy is extremely knowledgeable, personable and responsive. Loved the program and the end results!"

"My experience with this plan was definitely a positive one that I can tell has already changed my daily living habits and cravings. Towards the end I even thought I was doing terrible and falling away from being disciplined but after even ending the plan I found myself craving the recipes and wanting to feel again how I felt while using the plan. So I continue to be motivated to have good habits and love seeing Nancy on her Instagram and Facebook as motivation as she leads by example. I feel as though I finally don’t need to convince myself of results but genuinely felt them. Also as a young adult I honestly have felt really good about how much more this plan got to start cooking. Recipes are perfectly simple enough for me to feel confident in my new found abilities haha and still exciting enough to keep me interested and cooking them to this day! Thanks for all!"

"This is the first time I've ever committed in this way to a nutritional plan and I'm so thrilled with the results. This plan made it easy to stay committed and I felt progress already 4 days in. I'm now finding it easier to make good food choices all of the time. I'm super thrilled with all that I gained from this!"

"Nancy is inspiring, honest, and caring! She is super responsive, passionate, and makes the plan fun. She really is the backbone for the community and is a major myth buster! I absolutely love her and think that she makes such a difference in people's lives."

"I really enjoyed this plan. I've tried other things since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and this did work. I felt good and it wasn't too hard to follow (esp after the first week). She was so motivating and helpful!"

"This plan was exactly what I needed. I always knew that nutrition was my missing link and this plan helped me make those connections with my health! I saw more results doing this for 30 days than I saw with hard core exercise for 6+ months. It changed the way I view food and really helped me kickstart my postpartum fitness/strength journey. So happy I decide to do this!"

"I loved following the plan. As a mom of 3 with my youngest being 9 weeks old it was so nice to have the shopping list and meals all laid out for me. I can't wait to purchase the Bible Diet and new Ab Rehab program."

"This plan was extremely educational and eye opening to the world of food. I personally was eating most of the items included in the plan but not the right proportions or times of day and getting on a regimented schedule was what I truly needed. This plan really helps you feel nourished and not starved. Also, having the Facebook group and Nancy to rely on and relate any questions to was extremely helpful and encouraging. Nancy was always there whenever I had a question related to the plan or my personal food problems - you could really tell how much our progress meant to her!"

"I still need to do my measurements (I've been traveling for the last two weeks and didn't have my tape measure with me,) but I really enjoyed the meal plan and shared it with all of my friends. I was amazed at the results, and the changes I saw in my body even after one week. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but having a plan to follow, portions to hold myself accountable to, and a group of people who motivated me to stay committed was an amazing experience I'm glad I participated in. Thanks Nancy for always being there when I had questions, and I look forward to continuing with the changes I was able to make during this first 30 days of 2017!"

"I lost a total of 3.5lbs and 3 inches during the slim down! I loved having every meal and portion size laid out for me-- it was a no brainer. After one week I was already feeling leaner and had no cravings for my usual sweets or "cheat meals". The perfect plan to reboot! :)"

"I lost 7 pounds and 4 1/2 inches. And I did it by eating 3 meals, and up to 2 snacks, per day! I liked the structure of having all the meals laid out for me, but with some flexibility, like swapping different kinds of veggies, lean proteins, snacks, etc. if needed. Nancy's plan is legit; you don't want to miss out!"

"I lost 7 pounds and my husband lost 6.5 pounds. I lost almost .75" from my waistline and .5" off of my hips and thighs. My husband lost 2.75" from his waistline, .5" in his hips, and .75" to his thighs. This has been an amazing journey from start to finish. The first week of detox was rough and you quickly learn how dependent your body becomes to certain foods. The biggest eye opener was my husband's prior intake of sugary confections. The sugar withdrawal was intense and he had "sugar hangovers" and headaches for the first week! I discovered that when traditional carbs e.g. bread, crackers, flour tortillas, white rice,, and pastas were removed from the diet, when bread was reintroduced to the diet plan, it did not sit well with my system. I am now sticking to other complex carbs instead. The effects food can have on your body is powerful once you experience this 30 day slim down plan. Nancy you are not only a fantastic trainer and nutrition expert but what sets you apart from the rest is your honest and unconditional care for your clients. You made individual tweaks to people's dietary and health needs. You were responsive to questions people in the group had. By pulling together a private FB group, you really created a sense of community where people were able to chat openly about what was or was not working. The group was supportive and caring. My husband and I are continuing on with your Bible Diet plan and implementing this to include our daughters as well."

"I lost 4.2 pounds and 1 1/2 inches. I loved having the meals and snacks planned out as well as the recipes. I enjoyed the interaction with the Facebook group. I hope to stay on track and continue to lose pounds and inches. Nancy is a very strong motivational person and very knowledgeable of what she is promoting."

I lost 16lbs! The best parts were the layout of the meals and what foods are better for you at what times of the day. I thought before it was only what you ate and the portion. I have learned that consumption time is also important too."

"Nancy Anderson is the real deal! Her plan was 100% manageable and doable and I was never hungry. Everything was perfectly laid out for you so all I had to do was shop, cook, eat. I'm the absolute worst at cooking and am the queen of takeout/postmates/eating chips at dinner and I followed this plan to a T for 30 days. It is a lifestyle plan and doesn't cut out major food groups (ie, you still get to eat red meat and grains and etc.) Nancy also truly cares about her clients and was always there to motivate you or answer any questions you had on the plan. I also loved that if wanted, you could substitute lean protein for lean protein, healthy fat for healthy fat, etc - ie) if you didn't like chicken, you could have another lean meat in its place. This plan is 100% worth it. It changed my life."

 "I lost 18 pounds, didn't keep track of the inches. I thought this program was great as it took out the thinking for you and the results were fast. The best part for me was in week two when i no longer had cravings."

 "I lost six pounds and an inch from my waist, hips, and thigh. The plan was super prescriptive which worked really well for me - no second guessing what I was supposed to do! Nancy was good about offering options to suit my individual tastes and really supportive of everyone. The Facebook group was super motivating too!"


"I lost 3 inches off my waist and my hips! On top of that, an inch off each thigh, killer! I can feel my work pants fitting looser and way more comfortable, especially since I sit all day. It was great to have each meal planned out, made prepping for the week so much easier. I feel great, look great, and when people at work ask if I lost weight makes me feel amazing! Thanks Nancy :)"