10 Day Detox Testimonials


"I had done the 30 day slim down originally. I felt like I needed a reset and decided to do the 10 day detox. I loved the ginger shot and smoothie. I thought the meals were great and easy to prep. I really liked the style and the options. Nancy was incredibly responsive and supportive. I am hopeful to really incorporate these changes into my lifestyle and have a permanent plan in place."

"Nancy is wonderful!! She is so helpful in answering questions, keeping you encouraged, and providing helpful information for a sound mind and body. The meals were surprisingly delicious and filling. I am sleeping better, less bloated, and overall have great energy. I would recommend this detox to anyone who needs a kickstart to their healthy lifestyle!"

"I love every single recipe. Felt full and satisfied and the sugar cravings were gone after day 2. I love that it was such a thorough plan and so easily laid out. the Facebook and video coaching were such a huge asset as well. Thank you Nancy."

"Nancy is wonderful and truly knowledgeable about health and fitness. I appreciated Nancy going into detail on why certain things were included in the plan. I can’t wait to try other plans and will continue to recommend Nancy’s plans to everyone."

"ALL the recipes were delicious and plan on repeating many of them as part of a regular diet. I definitely decreased my bloating and was surprised at the quality of sleep I was getting!! Would repeat this plan intermittently."

"I’m stoked with my results after the 10 day detox! 5 pounds of bloat gone! The plan is well laid out and easy to follow. 10 days is easy to commit to for big results. My favorite part are the new recipes I learned and the variety of meals. Thanks for getting me back on track!"

"I have been a part of Nancy’s first 30 Day Slim Down program with proven results. I decided to try the 10 day detox to give my body a much needed “reset” after a couple of months of not eating as clean as I normally do aka “life!” In these 10 days while the end result was losing 5 pounds and 2” off my waist and 1.5” off my hips here are my Top 5 additional benefits: 1. Better sleep; 2. Brighter skin; 3. Energy levels remained consistent even with high intensity workouts; 4. The biggest mind blowing experience was feeling less aches and pains from my running injuries (hip and hamstring) and tendinitis. I realized just past the halfway mark of the detox plan that I didn’t need to take an Aleve or Tylenol! 5. Meals were easy, delicious, and satisfying. Nancy is as honest as they come and I appreciate her direct and no nonsense approach towards living a healthy and clean life. I am edging closer to turning 50 and I feel like I am in better shape and health than I was in my 20’s and definitely due in part by taking part in Nancy’s Slim Down, Detox, and Bible Diet plans! Thank you Nancy for being YOU! Xx, Clarin"



"2.5lbs. Haven’t taken my after measurements yet"
"I didn’t take photos or measurements. To busy grocery shopping, meal prepping and taking care of a new baby and a toddler but I lost 9.8 pounds!"
"I lost inches and my clothes fit better. I did not lose as much as anticipated but I attribute that to a large amount of stress which was unavoidable right now."
"8 pounds!"
"4.5 lbs! Haven't measured yet."
"I lost 5 lb!"
"Approximately 5lbs. Feeling very thin and bloat is gone!"
"I lost 7 lbs on the plan!"
"I'm down 5 pounds but haven’t measured inches yet"
"2 lbs!"
"Total weigh loss - 5 lbs and 1 inch all around!"
"I lost 5 lbs."
"5 pounds lost. 2” off the waist,1.5” off the hips."