Nancy Anderson (M.S.) is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist and one of the most sought after celebrity Trainers in Orange County CA. She is a pre and post natal expert and a Master Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. Nancy was named one of the top 10 Trainers to follow by Self Magazine and has published several ebooks on her unique and effective nutritional and fitness programs. 

Originally from Baltimore Maryland, Nancy has extensive fitness training and experience through her time as a bikini national competitor and marathon runner.  Along with her time working as a head fitness Trainer at Under Armour World Headquarters and opening and managing her own bootcamp studio while in Baltimore. 

Nancy’s extensive education in health and fitness, combined with her passion for working with people to help them live their best and healthiest lives, continues to take her career to new heights.  Most recently, after experiencing pregnancy and motherhood firsthand, Nancy has found a deep passion for working with fellow fit Mom’s who also do-it-all.  In addition to being a certified pre- and post-natal trainer, Nancy also created a full pregnancy workout program (for all trimesters) that is featured on the Pear Sports App. 

Nancy has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science (with a concentration in Nutrition).  Her fitness resume includes working with big brands such as Target and Under Armour as their trainer-on-set for fitness shoots and managing and implementing wellness programs at similarly large companies.