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Nancy Anderson (M.S. Kinesiology) is a certified fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, pre and postnatal expert, and the Founder of Nancy Anderson Fit, Birth Recovery Center, Move Your Bump and Treadthrill.

She's also hard-working, ballsy, fiercely loyal to her family and community. She is fired up and passionately motivated to help moms and moms-to-be live their best and healthiest lives possible, and is literally living her dream job helping women all over the world do just that.

Nancy has over 18 years of experience in the field of fitness and nutrition. Starting as a marathon runner and nationally-ranked bikini competitor, Nancy eventually began working as a head fitness trainer at Under Armour World Headquarters. She soon opened and managed her own boot camp studio.

Of course, working her butt off (both in the gym and on her business) is something Nancy loves and feels honored to do. But when she became a mom herself, Nancy realized that working 12-16 hour days 6 days per week just wasn't affording her the type of mom life she envisioned for herself.

So, she took a leap of faith, moved her business online, and began offering remote group coaching programs so that she could A) have a more flexible schedule to spend time with her family, and B) reach and help even more clients.

Like many women, Nancy's experienced some tough times in her life—from being bullied as a kid to losing her father to suicide. But it's these very experiences which have helped Nancy become the gritty and tough person she is today.

Nancy also understands firsthand how staying active is a deeply transformative, spiritual, and healing way of living. It's this passion or health and for helping other people that drives Nancy every single day, and gets her jumping out of bed at 5 a.m. ready to go!

Her mission?

  • To provide evidence-based wellness protocols for pregnant and postpartum women within the context of a supportive, encouraging, welcoming, and awesome community of like-minded ladies.

  • To break the stigma surrounding exercise while expecting and to teach women that it is safe and actually encouraged to stay active throughout all stages of pregnancy.

  • To support women as they recover from the physical and mental effects of birth and delivery (both vaginal and cesarean) so that they can enter mommy-hood feeling as badass as ever.

  • To challenge women to start seeing pregnancy as a life experience to train and prepare for—because entering pregnancy as fit and healthy as possible is better for mom and baby.

  • To show women that the idea of being forever doomed with a "mom pouch" or "mom bod" is bullish, and that it is possible and enjoyable to look and feel better post-baby.

  • To help women realize that self care is priority number one.

  • To change the way women, doctors, and everyone else looks at the pregnancy and post-pregnancy standard of care.

Nancy's global community is growing on the reg. Nancy Anderson Fit has now reached tens of thousands of women in over 81 countries, with over 15,000 active participants in her community every month.

That's a lot of women who are learning how to reclaim the body and health they deserve so they can be the best woman and Mom they can be!